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Main Directorate of the Federal Bailiff Service for St.

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st. Bolshaya Morskaya, D 59, 190000 OKPO 00013474 03/15/2022 No. 78922/22/19409 On No. ______________ dated 17.01.2022

03/15/2022 Response to appeal

The department for maintaining the state register and monitoring the activities of legal entities performing the functions of returning overdue debts, the GUFSSP of Russia for St. Petersburg (hereinafter referred to as the Department) from the Prosecutor’s Office of St. Petersburg received your appeal (in. No. 2041/22/78000 dated 01/17/2021), which is considered within the competence of the GUFSSP of Russia for St. Petersburg. According to Part 1 of Art. 5 of the Federal Law of 02.05.2006 No. 59-FZ “On the procedure for considering appeals of citizens of the Russian Federation” when considering an appeal by the state body, body of local self-government or an official, a citizen has the right submit additional documents and materials or request them reclamation, including in electronic form. An official of the Department sent a request to provide documents to your address. As of today, information confirming the violation of the provisions Federal Law No. 230-FZ of 03.07.2016 “On the Protection of the Rights and Legitimate Interests of Individuals persons when carrying out activities to return overdue debts and on making amendments to the Federal Law “On Microfinance Activities and Microfinance organizations” (hereinafter referred to as Federal Law No. 230-FZ), not provided by you. right, provided to you by the above norm of the Law, you did not use it. You have not provided details of organizations (OGRN, TIN) that allow you to establish legal entities engaged in interaction aimed at the return of overdue debts, with you and third parties. According to the information provided by MTS PJSC, the subscriber phone number is +7 911 791 50 60 is owned by MCC FINMAL LLC. At the same time, your appeal does not contain arguments about the violation of the requirements Federal Law No. 230-FZ LLC MCC «FINMALL». In addition, you did not provide details of the rendered communication services by subscriber number by which you and third parties interacted, audio recordings telephone conversations confirming the interaction with you and third parties on the issue of the return of overdue debts, certificates of ownership of subscriber numbers, on which the interaction was carried out, screenshots of messages, indicating violation of Federal Law No. 230-FZ.

According to the results of the verification of the information received, violations of the requirements of the Federal Law No. 230-FZ has not yet been identified. No grounds for taking action installed. In view of the foregoing, we explain to you that if there is additional information indicating a violation of Federal Law No. 230-FZ, you have the right to send an appeal for verification and taking response measures if there are grounds in the GUFSSP of Russia in St. Petersburg by mail to the address: 190000, St. Petersburg, st. Big Marine, d. 59.

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Mironova Olga Sergeevna

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